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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What To Drink (in an adult way) on a Low-FODMAP Diet: ALCOHOL

I love me a good happy hour.  Sadly, though, my tum doesn’t do a good job with beer or super-sweet drinks like wine (and I do LOVE wine).  But if you’re like me, I have stupendous news for you: happy hour need not be put into the food graveyard with bread and cheese.  Here are some adult beverages that are easier for me (and hopefully you?) to drink:

1. Vodka-seltzer-lime is my bestie.  We hang out often at 6PM.  Vodka is very low-calorie, seltzer (or soda) has no sugar, and lime has only a teency bit of sugar.  The clear liquors are much easier to digest than sweet drinks like wine or rum, so go at it. 

2. Whiskey!  My second-favorite happy hour drink is also fine for me.  Particularly if I don’t mix it with soda (which has high-FODMAP sweeteners like high fructose corn syrup and artificial sweeteners).

3. If you DO try beer, make sure you get gluten-free beer!  It’s much easier to find these days, since half the population of the Earth is as annoying as I am in terms of food intolerances. 

4. If you gotta drink wine, GO DRY.  I love white wine as much as I love sunshine, so sometimes I still go for a glass of dry New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.  It’s just too good to give up forever.

5. Gin might also be fine for you, especially in small doses, but who would want to drink gin anyway?  Blech. 

Here’s the full list of good and bad foods on the low-FODMAP diet.  Let me know if you see anything that needs to be added or changed!


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