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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

How to control the debilitating physical effects of stress

Hello my friends!  I'm busy this week doing some more fiction writing, so for my blog I'll just link to a fantastic piece I just read.  The article talks about various studies showing that although stress has been linked to major, debilitating physical illnesses, we can reduce those debilitating effects (to ZERO) if we deal with stress properly.

I love this:
"A... study, out of the University of Buffalo, did not surprise researchers this year when they noticed a 30% increase in people’s risk of dying for every major stressful experience, such as financial difficulties and family crises. But those same researchers were shocked to discover that people who respond to such crises with the desire to care for others don’t just reduce their risk of dying. Instead, their risk drops to 0%. Caring, says Dr. McGonigal, creates resilience, the ability to meet with life’s crises with creativity, hope, and connection."

Here's the whole piece:

Have a good week.  xo

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