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Sunday, June 8, 2014

TED Talk by Dr. Terry Wahls, who cured her M.S. through diet

Have you guys watched Dr. Terry Wahls’ TED Talk? She was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis about a decade ago, and became bed-bound within 8 years. Then she CURED her M.S. through diet. Now she rides a bike. It’s mind-blowing and totally inspiring. Here’s the TED Talk:

She did this by eating NINE CUPS of vegetables every day, as well as fish and grass-fed meats. Dr. Wahls says that these foods help keep mitochondria healthy, and mitochondria are apparently where it’s at for total health.

Basically Dr. Wahls’ diet is paleo, but it’s so prescriptive that I find it easy to follow. She breaks down which veggies/fruits/meats are the best to eat. I was so inspired by this TED Talk that I immediately shoved a carrot and a bowl of spinach into my mouth, and I am not one to just throw down with some raw vegetables.

I’m curious if anyone has followed Dr. Wahls’ diet…?

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