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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What to eat on low-FODMAP diet: Breakfast

 As it turns out, lotsa you are tuning into the FODMAP posts, so I’m going to do a few more.  First one, breakfast.  What to eat? 

1. My FAVORITE FAVORITE breakfast: sweet potato porridge with berries in it. I literally make this every single day:

2. Rice cereal with rice/almond milk.  This is just about the mildest thing for my particular stomach.  Never gives me ANY stomach pain.  I put blueberries and flax seed on my cereal, but you could start by JUST having the cereal and rice milk, and then see if you can add to that.

3. Eggs.  Never give me a problem, but let me know if you find otherwise.

4. Gluten-free bread with Earth Balance (dairy-free) and jam. 

5. Turkey bacon or other lean meats.  Usually, fatty meats are harder for IBS-sufferers to digest, but turkey bacon should be fine.  Some people can also do lean ham with no problems. 

6.  Oatmeal?  Lately, since I’ve gotten my stomach a little more in balance, I can tolerate oatmeal although it used to give me stomach pain.  Oatmeal has a lot of fiber in it, so it’s hard for some IBS sufferers.  Maybe just try a little bit of gluten-free oatmeal to see how it goes for you. 

7. Fruit.  For a list of low-FODMAP fruits, see my comprehensive list:

Whenever I go to a diner or other breakfast restaurant, I ask them to cook me 2 eggs in OIL (not in butter), and I get a side of fruit and a side of bacon.

If you have other suggestions, let me know!  If this blog post gets a lot of hits, next time I’ll put up lunch ideas.  


  1. OK, so breakfast is probably the easiest meal for me to manage because I usually prepare it and eat it at home. BUT, I've been concerned lately with my supposedly carefree Brown-Rice Krispes and original Cheerios and lactose-free skim milk. I always check the labels to ensure it's free of offenders that will attack my stomach.
    I'm usually fine with eggs, with some added shredded cheddar, or chopped tomatoes, or spinach.
    I too depend on Udi's White Sandwich Bread for sandwiches or toast. A bit of Smart Balance, natural peanut butter, or a teaspoon of Kirkland Organic Strawberry spread....Yum!
    I've been known to eat leftover chicken from the night before as well. :-)

  2. Isn't all oatmeal gluten-free?